Elizabeth Tana
Mountain Forest
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Alice Wonderland Oil Collection I Etching Collection II Etching
Cursive Bold - 3 fragments Mixed Media Cursive Bold - 6 fragments Mixed Media
Cursive Bold - 3 fragments Etching
Cursive Bold Etching
Cursive Bold Blue - 3 fragments Mixed Media Cursive Bold Cupper - 6 fragments Etching
Cursive Bold Cuper Etching
Cursive Bold Etching Cursive Bold Blue - 12 fragments Mixed Media Stool on Lettice Background Mixed Media
Hydrangea Gold Mixed Media MM 1 Mixed Media MM 3 Mixed Media
Circle of Life Mixed Media Cursive - 6 Fragmnets. Rock # 1 Oil
Cursive - 6 Fragmnets. Rock # 2 Oil Cursive - 3 Fragments. Forest Oil
Cursive - 9 Fragments # 36 Oil Cursive - 9 Fragments 'X' Monoprint Cursice - 12 Fragments 'J' Monoprint
Cursive - 15 Fragments. 'A' Oil Cursive - 16 Fragment 'B' Oil Cursive - 9 Fragments 'C' Oil
Cursive - 'Un' Oil Cursive 9 Fragments - Olive Lattice Monoprint Cursive - Copper Dots Mixed Media
Cursive 3 Fragments - Blue Monoprint Cursive With Blue Scratch Etching
Forest-A. Cursive 3 Fragments Oil Cursive Bold - 12 Fragments Oil
Cursive Bold - 16 Fragments Oil Thumb Print #2 Oil Thumb Print Grey Green Strip Monotype
Thumb Print #1 Oil Thumb Print Copper Strip Oil Dark Ovals Oil
Black and White Oil Countess Mixed Media Palm Trees Mixed Media
Villagers Mixed Media Thumb Print Green Crack Monoprint
Journey Mixed Media Banner Double Red Monoprint
Pilgrims Lattice Background Monoprint Budtha's Sutras Print Monoprint Copper Splash Monoprint
Journey Blue Scratch Monoprint Journey Copper Scratch Monoprint
Clouds Monoprint Banner - Single Grey Monoprint Follow The Leader Etching
Thumb Print - On White and Brown Oil Vivaldi's Winter Oil
Autumn Gold Oil Spring Mist Oil Summer Heat Oil Beach Oil
Sand Dune Oil Golden Field Oil Sixteen Pears Oil
Last Post to The West Oil Retreat Monotype Untitled Oil Once Upon A Time Mixed Media
Dansing Partner Oil Persimmon Oil Curious Fish Oil
Summer Oil Istanbul Oil Vase Mixed Media
Spring Oil Sunrise Oil Procession Oil Circle of Life Oil
Dancing Partner Oil Landscape Oil Desert Plant Oil
Hydrangea Oil Spring to Summer Oil Prayer Wheel Oil
Tbetan Red Oil 2868 Oil Bamboo Forest Monotype
Tang Horse Monoprint Villagers Monoprint Villagers Lattice Monoprint Silk Road Monoprint
In the Park Monoprint Bicycle in Beijing Monoprint Rack by the Station Monoprint Under the Bridge Monoprint
Buddha, Bowl Schodar Monoprint Last Emperor Monoprint Train Station Monotype Daffodil Monoprint
Bicycle in Peking Monoprint Sedona Monoprint Budtha's Sutras Monoprint
South West Monoprint Navajo Monoprint Friends Monoprint
Hu-Tong Acrylic Infinity I Monoprint Camel Monoprint Mask Monoprint
Infinity V Monoprint Countless & Tulip Monoprint Peking 798 Monotype Tulip Monotype
Blossom on Brown Monoprint Circle of Life. Green Monotype Circle of Life Purple Red Monoprint
Circle of Life Light Blue Red Monoprint Circle of Life. Bown and Mahogany Monotype Mountain Forest Monoprint
Chinese Landscape Monoprint Henry Thoreau Poem Monoprint Bluebird Monotype
Celebration Oil Infinity Oil Letter to Friend Oil Meditation Oil
My Bluebird Oil Hidden Treasure Monotype Tower Oil Riverbend Monotype
Yellow River Oil Pagoda - Red Circle Etching Roof With Red Oval Etching
Walking inThe Rain Etching 'X' Etching Pear Tree Etching Two Men With Ambrella Monoprint
Pear Tree II Monoprint Roof Monoprint Three Oranges Etching Bird Cage Monoprint
Dansing Partner Etching Red Leaf Monoprint The Girl - Green Etching
Circle & Strip Etching The Girl Oliver Green Monoprint
The Girl -Yellow Etching Hydrangea Red Mixed Media Four Wisemen Monotype Six Leaves Mixed Media
Danscingcranes Mixed Media Red Circle Mixed Media Watch Hut Mixed Media Follow The Leader Mixed Media
Numbers in Translation Linocut Numbers Linocut Script - Orange Monotype
Script Monoprint Script - Red on Cream Monoprint Script - Black & Green Monoprint
Circle Mixed Media Black Dot Etching
Rock Etching Eight Drops on Grey Collograph
Eight Drops on Blada Scratch Mixed Media Six Drops - Double Mixed Media
Four Drops Mixed Media Five Drops on Blue Mixed Media Ink Drop 2230 A Monoprint
Nancy Charcoal Stending Karen Charcoal Sara Charcoal Dold Karen Charcoal
#2 Monotype #3 Monotype #5 Monotype
#1 Monotype #6 Monotype #7 Monotype
#4 Monotype Bycicle Monoprint Before Studio Woodcut
Art Studio Other Art Studio Other
Mountain Forest
  18 x 24 in
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Paper size 22 x 30
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